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Six year veteran of the U.S. Army, Johnni Black left the service in the Spring of 1996 as a Captain, outranking her husband, Sergeant First Class Michael. The two had met when they were swinging, and they entered porn in December of 1995.
Johnni says that Debi Diamond is her role model, and the nastier the sex, the better. Black's 100 videos include Takin' It to the Limit 8, Beyond Reality 3, Sodomania 18, and Cumback Pussy 2. She measures 36C-27-37 and boasts a degree in Psychology.

"She never does a scene with her wedding band because she wants fan to be able to fantasize," says Michael who manages her career and goes on every set with her. "If she doesn't appear married, it just spawns the fan base."

The couple lobbied California state legislature in Sacramento on legislation affecting porn. Johnni [Laura] and Michael [David] chose not go on the Jerry Springer Show, taped in Chicago, because she feared flaunting her new career in her family's face. "That was one of my toughest times as a husband and a manager," says Michael. "The husband side of me respected her decision. The manager side of me lost my temper. It pissed me off so bad that she was going to miss that publicity."

The muscular blonde had a close relationship with her family until they learned of her entrance into porn which blew everything apart. As of 1997, they have not reunited. Laura's family regards me as a pimp," says Michael, "and the reason their little girl went bad. Everything was fine until a letter, postmarked Gary, Indiana, showed up in her former mother-in-law's mailbox that described every one of her videos. The relationship nose-dived." A week after that, someone sent a video of Beyond Reality 8, where Johnni/Laura impales herself on a huge black dildo before getting simultaneously penetrated by Marc Davis and Sean Michaels.

Laura's Catholic mom and dad also received an Adam & Eve catalogue in the mail advertising ex-army captain Johnni Black's personal workout video which included three nude pictures and a write up of her fledgling porn career. "Laura was inseperable from her mom and dad before," says Michael. "She'd call her mother at least once a day. Every time she had a decision to make she was on the phone to mom and dad."

Laura, the youngest of four daughters, says, "They took it hard. We still talk...argue like we did when I was growing up. They were proud that I entered the military and participated in Desert Storm. I don't know why they are taking this so hard. I've always done what I wanted." Michael's parents are open to the couple. "You're welcome here. We don't appreciate what you're doing. So if you come to visit, don't bring it [porn] home. "My father has impressed me. He's hard, stubborn and prejudiced. But he calls up and asks some simple questions that mean a lot. 'How are you doing?' Having him say that after knowing what Laura and I have been doing for the past year, impressed me.

"Laura has a friend in the military who's showing her videotapes to everybody who knew her. We knew that kind of stuff would happen. Good. It means more money in our pockets. I'm writing a script right now for Laura and I that will do everything but name names about the sexual harassment that went on in the army. We'll blow this story wide open. "Laura and I are two sexual people. We started in the swinging lifestyle soon after we met. It just didn't work with being in the military."

Johnni and Michael lived together for a years at Fort Sams. "We had separate phone lines. We worked in the same office. We brought our best friend into our personal life. You're not supposed to do any of that. We broke every rule there was. Our boss wanted Laura to go down to Mexico with him and that's when we finally told him that Laura and I were a couple. And he said, 'Go f--- yourselves silly, but don't do it on my desk.' "Instructors do students all the time. I never had a bigger ego than when I was walking around in my NCO uniform and having 23 and 24-year old [female] lieutenants hitting on me. It's having sex with someone in a higher position that is a turn-on. And this stuff will never stop. "You could never convince me that those girls in Tailhook were raped. That didn't happen. They wanted it."

Johnni/Laura and Michael/David married in October of 1995. They entered the industry in the summer of 1996. "We already have our own company - Johnni Black productions. Laura wants desperately to shoot her own line. We're observing how everything is done. It doesn't take that much knowledge to light a room. "The general public doesn't realize how many couples are in this business. We're living our version of the American dream. We are our own bosses."

Michael, almost as muscular as his wife, argues with directors and production crews who he feels don't treat his wife with appropriate respect, causing several problems with director Thomas Payne, for instance. Michael became upset when he thought that Johnni wasn't going to get a boxcover promised to her. "It is Johnni's rule that I'm on the set all the time. That's what makes her feel comfortable. It's weird but it works. I know she likes her sex, but she likes me being there so she doesn't feel like she's hiding anything. She can be really rocking, and look over at me, with the eyes rolling back in her head, and get the thumbs up. "Since we've known each other, we've been together seven days a week and 24 hours a day. "Boyfriends in this business are always known to be the assholes. I know it's cost her work that she demands that I always be around. But I'm breaking through that mold [of boyfriends and husbands being thought of as jerks]. "I help on every set I'm on. I'll hold a C-light, I'll move equipment...

Michael occasionally performs with her wife. "I'm trying to establish an unwritten rule that husbands of performers show their HIV tests as well. I do that for whoever is going to do my wife. It's the responsible thing to do." Though raised Catholic, Johnni, along with her husband, are into Native American forms of spirituality. "The whole motif of our house celebrates native American spirituality. That releases us. We don't have the limits of Christianity."

In mid April, 2000, Michael wrote a letter of apology to Johnni and the industry for his misbehavior. It was published on "I always said that I would be the professional. I would be the husband that didn't make waves. Guess what? I did. Sometimes it was on set, sometimes it was off. Bottom line - I hurt Johnni Black and for that I am sorry. I was lucky enough to be accepted as part of the family because of Johnni. As much as a thought I was part of the mix I was nothing more than a pimp. That pains me deeply to say because the last thing that wonderful woman needed was a pimp. She needed a friend and I screwed that up. This is just as much an apology to her as it is to the business."

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